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If you have been injured or fallen ill as a result of negligence of a Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust hospital, you may be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim. Call Quittance on 0800 376 1001 to speak to a specialist about your claim.

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Case details

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust case study

The claimant, aged 27 at the time of her injury, was awarded a court settlement of £13,227 following a work-related illness claim.

The claimant worked as a nurse and sustained a back injury while lifting a patient. The claimant sustained a muscular or ligamentous strain of the lower back which caused severe constant back pain and resulted in her being unable to work for three months.

The symptoms abated after three months, and the claimant returned to her job. She was expected to suffer some movement restriction and have difficult with heavy domestic and employment work as a result of the injury.

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Impact of the claimant's back injury on her work and lifestyle

Initially, the claimant worked on reduced hours, but was unable to cope with the heavy work involved, and she transferred to lighter duties. The transfer meant the claimant was moved from part time to full time work.

The claimant experienced a constant background backache which was aggravated by exertion, and from sitting or standing for prolonged periods. She also has some restriction of movement in the spine. In a report prepared for the claim, an independent medical specialist confirmed that they expected the symptoms to persist indefinitely.

The claimant found she had a reduced capacity to perform certain household tasks such as vacuum cleaning, and had to give up vigorous sports - in particular high-impact aerobics - in favour of more gentle exercise.

Compensation settlement

The Court ordered Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to pay a total sum of £13,227.

Total Damages of £9,000 were paid for pain, suffering and loss of amenities.

Making a compensation claim against Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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