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Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust (2006) Case Study

A 39 year old female IT worker was awarded £10,000 in general damages in an out of court settlement for psychiatric illness resulting from medical negligence during her pregnancy and delayed delivery of twins.

The woman, who was 38 at the time of her injury, was in the care of medical staff at a hospital within Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust. The claimant had already experienced the loss of her first baby, which died from a pulmonary haemorrhage only 30 hours after birth, after she had sustained a placental abruption.

Because of her obstetric history a robust care plan had been formulated with the antenatal team. The claimant's first ultrasound scan revealed that she had a dichorionic twin pregnancy, meaning that each foetus had its own placenta. The pregnancy progressed well, but although the uterine artery Doppler results were reassuring at 24 weeks, it was felt there was a potential risk of early delivery. To encourage foetal lung maturity at 28 weeks, prophylactic steroids were administered.

At 29 weeks the claimant sustained 2 episodes of maternal glycosuria (diabetes) which were noted.

When the symphysis fundal height measurements (to determine the growth of the foetus) were taken at week 32 that of twin 2 was reduced from previous measurements. At 36 weeks it was clear that there had been no increase in the measurement of twin 2 for 4 weeks, therefore it was decided the babies should be delivered.

As the babies were not at immediate risk an elective Caesarean section was booked for 3rd November 2005, at which time the elapsed gestation period would be 36 weeks and 3 days.

On the morning of 3rd November the claimant was admitted to the labour ward where the foetal heart rates were listened to through a stethoscope. 2 different heart rates were noted at that time, but no further checks on their heart rates were carried out prior to delivery. Because of an emergency case with another patient, the claimant was delayed in going to theatre until 14:30

The first twin was born in good condition, but the 2nd was not breathing and major resuscitation was attempted. This failed and the child was pronounced stillborn.

The claimant believed that her Caesarean section should have taken place at least 2 weeks earlier at 34 weeks, and that had it done so, the 2nd twin would have survived.

Compensation Settlement

A letter of claim with a Part 36 offer to settle for the sum of £15,000 was sent to the defendant in respect of the psychiatric illness suffered by the claimant after the birth. However a counter offer of £10,000 (£13,003.99 RPI adjusted) was made and accepted. The award was for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust

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