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If you have been injured or fallen ill as a result of medical negligence while in the care of Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To speak to an expert about your situation, call us on 0800 612 7456.

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See also:

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Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim Case Study

A man reached an out of court settlement of £122,814.14 following a spinal fracture that went undiagnosed at Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The man, aged 26 at the date of the injury, and aged 29 at the date of the trial, was involved in an accident and was taken by ambulance to Gloucestershire Hospital. He complained of lower back pain, but X-rays of the area were reported as normal. The following morning he was assessed by an orthopaedic consultant who reassured and discharged him from hospital.

The man underwent physiotherapy and osteopathy, and also saw a chiropractor. The man had in fact sustained a fracture in the first lumbar vertebrae (L1). He suffered from an undiagnosed fracture to L1 for a prolonged period, relying on daily analgesia for pain relief.

Prior to the accident the claimant had enjoyed outdoor sports, but after the fracture he was unable to continue with these. His relationship with his girlfriend also suffered as a result of the injury. His job had involved driving long distances, but as driving caused his back to stiffen and become painful, he resigned from his employment.

By the date the fracture was diagnosed there was a kyphosis at the thoracolumbar junction. The condition was such that the only way the man could return to his pre-accident condition was by undergoing a transpedicular osteotomy. This procedure involved a risk that he could suffer spinal cord damage, infection and non-fusion.

Compensation settlement

The Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust made an out of court settlement of £122,814.14, including £37,500 for pain, suffering and loss of amenities.

Making a claim against the Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Making a claim for medical negligence, misdiagnosis or GP negligence can be daunting at first. Hospital trusts are large and complex organisations, and it can be difficult to gather the necessary information to make a case.

The panel of solicitors have significant experience in taking on hospital trusts, and securing financial compensation for people affected by medical or clinical negligence.

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