Father awarded £1,750.00 for carbon monoxide poisoning


The father of a family of 4 received a court award of £1,750.00 for carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty boiler. In fact there were 4 claimants from the same family in total who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. Within a few days of the boiler being repaired all the claimant's symptoms began to resolve.

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Injuries and Progression


The Father suffered the most severe reaction to the carbon monoxide poisoning. He had flu-like symptoms, his throat was sore. His eyes were also sore. 7 days on he began to feel more tired than normal and was generally fatigued. He had trouble sleeping.


His wife had similar but less severe symptoms. She had general aches and pains which she did not normally suffer from. She also felt overly tired, had headaches and a throat. She had irritation to her eyes. She was also a diabetic although it was a type of diabetes which did not need to be regulated by insulin. As a result of her symptoms she also noticed sugar in her samples of urine for up to a couple of weeks after the boiler was repaired.

First Daughter

There were 2 daughters who lived at home who were also exposed to the carbon monoxide poisoning. The first daughter from being born had suffered from spastic diplegia. As a result of the poisoning she developed runny eyes, a sore throat, blisters round her mouth, stiffness in her muscles and headaches. She also felt light headed when she would sit in the Kitchen where the boiler was situated. Within a few days of the boiler being mended her symptoms had gone.

Second Daughter

Her sister has similar symptoms of irritation to her eyes, causing matter and discharge around the eyes. She had aching to most limbs, a sore throat and generally felt tired. The majority of her symptoms resolved within a few days of the repair to the boiler. The exception to this was her eyes which remained runny for several weeks.


The Judge at Trial made similar awards to reflect the severity of each claimant's symptoms. He did however take into account that the symptoms experienced were over relatively short time spans. He awarded the Father £1,750, the Mother £1,500 and the 2 daughter were each awarded £1,000.

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