Claimant awarded £2,350 for whiplash injuries

The claimant who was female and 28 years of age suffered whiplash injuries as a result of a road traffic accident.

The claimant was a student. She was 28 and involved in a road traffic accident. The claimant suffered a soft tissue injury as a result of whiplash. This caused the claimant problems with her neck and left shoulder. The claimant also suffered from travel anxiety. The claimant was not taken to hospital following the accident but did begin to suffer from pain across her neck and shoulder to the extent that the following day she was forced to take medical advice. It was at this point the claimant was told that she had a whiplash injury. The GP prescribed strong painkillers and advised the claimant on exercises she could do to reduce the symptoms.

The worst of the symptoms lasted for three weeks. The claimant who was a student was able to continue studying throughout this period. No further treatment was required in addition to the painkillers subscribed by the GP.

The whiplash injuries impacted on housework with the claimant struggling to perform basic tasks.

The claimant instructed solicitors to pursue a claim for personal injury on her behalf. The solicitors in turn applied for medical evidence which resulted in the claimant being further examined eight months after the accident and the injuries were sustained.

The expert confirmed the whiplash injury, advised that at that time there was a 95% recovery and projected full recovery within 12 months of the accident. The trial took place two years after the date of the accident at which point the claimant was able to confirm that the injuries had settled down within the 12 month period envisaged.


The parties being unable to agree settlement the matter went before the Court with the Court ordering £2,350 in damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, the claimant being aged 30 at the date of the trial.