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If you have been injured in the care of Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust you may be entitled to make clinical negligence compensation claim. To speak to an expert about your situation, call Quittance on 0800 376 1001.

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Case details

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (2013) - Case Study

A 61-year-old woman (65 years at trial) accepted damages of £300,000 in an out-of-court settlement following an unnecessary surgical procedure at a hospital within the Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals Foundation Trust, which resulted in long-term kidney failure.

The claimant was admitted to hospital for tests to investigate the cause of her abdominal pain. The results of ultrasound scan came back as normal and her pain went away.

However, the claimant's gastroenterologist advised her that scans could occasionally miss gallstones, and recommended a procedure known as an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) to find out if gallstones were present in the bile duct. The operation could also be used to remove any stones found.

The ERCP was performed shortly afterwards. During the procedure, the claimant's biliary tree was damaged causing abdominal pain. The claimant was given a pethidine injection and was discharged later that afternoon.

A few hours later, the claimant was returned to hospital by ambulance. She was diagnosed with ERCP-induced pancreatitis and peritonitis. Her condition was initially treated with rest and pain medication. When her condition did not improve, doctors performed a CT scan.

The day after the scan, the claimant underwent a laparotomy and was transferred to the Intensive Therapy Unit. Here, the claimant continued to suffer a number of health problems and became extremely swollen. Her injuries included acute sepsis, a left-hand sided pleural effusion and acute kidney failure which did not improve.

As a result of her injuries, the claimant would require kidney dialysis three times per week for the rest of her life. Her life expectancy was significantly reduced and was estimated to be as little as five to ten years from the start of dialysis.

The claimant also suffered from dizziness, poor balance and fatigue. She needed assistance from a support worker to manage everyday tasks such as personal care, shopping and cleaning. It was accepted that these needs would increase as her condition deteriorated. The claimant also had to move to a ground-floor flat as her injuries continued to impact her mobility.

Compensation settlement

It was established that ERCP was totally inappropriate in view of the claimant's normal ultrasound and liver function tests. The defendant accepted liability.

Damages of £300,000 (£313,095.71 RPI adjusted) were agreed in an out-of-court settlement. Of this sum, £130,000 (£135,674.81 RPI adjusted) was attributed to pain, suffering and loss of amenity per an estimation by the claimant's solicitor.

Making a compensation claim against Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Making a claim for clinical negligence initially can seem overwhelming. Hospitals Trusts are large, complex organisations and simply finding out what happened to cause the injury can be difficult.

The panel of solicitors have extensive experience in taking on hospital trusts and securing financial compensation for people affected by clinical or medical negligence.

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