£8k awarded to man after log splitter accident at work

In January 2004 after a Trial in the Worcester County Court a 25 year old man was awarded £8,000.00 for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused when a piece of wood struck his right eye in a log splitter accident at work.

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The background is that when aged 21 a young man was employed by the defendants as a foreman and was working on a wood cutting machine. in the course of working on that machine a piece of wood shot from the cutter and struck his right eye.

It was realised immediately that something was seriously wrong and he was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed as suffering from a blunt injury to the right eye which affected his vision. In particular, it affected his perception to light and he was given painkillers and eye drops.

For 3 days he was totally blind in the right eye and his vision in the left eye was also affected.

Fortunately, over a period of time things improved and 13 months after the accident when he was examined it was found that the bruising and the hyphaema was gone. Nevertheless, he still had slightly reduced visibility in the right eye which affected his exposure to bright light, particularly in the early morning or when driving at night and he found both of those experiences to be extremely painful.

As a result of this injury he had to give up his job driving HGV vehicles and the medical evidence was that he was at risk of developing cataracts and/or glaucoma in later life.

On today's figures this compensation represented a sum just in excess of £11,350.00.

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