£8,889 awarded following a fall in a shop

A 63 year old female suffered a permanent disability following a slip in a shop.

The claimant who was 63 fell whilst in a shop. The shop was found to be negligent and responsible for the fall.

The claimant fell on her right side dislocating her right shoulder and breaking her arm.

The claimant was taken to hospital for treatment where the fracture was reduced. Following the incident she had to wear a support collar for a period of two months. In addition to the shoulder and arm injuries there was significant amounts of bruising across the claimant's upper body which remained for six weeks.

In the short term the injuries impacted on both the claimant's leisure and household duties. For a period of three months the claimant was unable to do any housework and at the date of the trial which was five years after the accident there were still problems with tasks such as ironing. The claimant was unable to continue dancing and was limited in her gardening.

Although the claimant made a partial recovery there were long term problems from which it was found the claimant would not recover. The claimant who was right handed found that she was having to use her left hand more often and there was long term aching and burning sensation in the shoulder which restricted mobility and movement causing the claimant pain.


The compensation claim was heard at Croydon County Court. The claimant instructed solicitors to act on her behalf who obtained medical evidence.

The solicitors were unable to negotiate a settlement and the matter was therefore dealt with by the Court who awarded £7,500 for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. This amount equates to £12,758.85 at today's values.