£8,320 awarded for orthopaedic injury from a car crash

Compensation of £8,230.00 awarded in 2014 to a 36 year old man who suffered an orthapaedic injury resulting from a road traffic accident.

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Case details

Injury Details

Whiplash injuries are a common outcome of road traffic accidents. In this case the claimant a motorist whose vehicle was stationary at the time sustained whiplash injuries when another road user collided with his vehicle from the rear.

As is often the case the claimant didn't initially feel the whiplash injuries. It was only the next day that typical symptoms were displayed when he began to feel pain in his neck, upper back and left arm. The claimant was a dentist and was unable to work with the pain and was forced to take one week off work but then on return to work found he was only able to work a limited number of hours. The reduced hours continued for a period of two months before full time hours were resumed.

The pain not only impacted on the claimant's work life but also his social activities. In particular the claimant was unable to cycle which was his main hobby prior to the accident.

To initially reduce the inflammation anti-inflammatory drugs were taken but throughout the recovery period pain killers were taken as and when necessary.

Although the claimant was able to return to full time work after three months the symptoms had not settled completely with the claimant periodically suffering pain on a daily basis.


Although liability was admitted by the defendant the claimant and Defence were unable to agree an appropriate level of damages and proceedings were therefore issued before the Stockport County Court.

Within those proceedings the Judge was asked to assess damages based upon medical evidence obtained by the parties.

The damages were broken down into general damages to £3,650 which at today's value would be £3,705.67 but in addition damages for loss of earnings were awarded in the sum of £4,670.00 taking the total award to £8,230.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

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