£77,000 awarded to 8 year-old for giardiasis poisoning | Case Study

£77,000 was awarded to a child who experienced giardiasis poisoning whilst on holiday and sustained further complications and illness on her return to the UK.

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The claimant was 1 year-old when she suffered poisoning whilst on holiday with her family. The poisoning was caused as a direct result of the defendants negligence. After only 3 days on the defendant's holiday package tour the claimant began to suffer with diarrhoea, a high temperature and stomach cramps.

The claimant's symptoms worsened to such an extent that she was admitted to Hospital. The claimant was significantly dehydrated. She to be put on a Hospital drip to get sufficient fluids back into her system.

Injuries and Progression

The cause of the problem could not be fully investigated whilst the claimant was on holiday. The claimant had to be treated with a popular brand of liquid painkiller. She also bathed in tepid water.

The claimant's problems were fully investigated upon her return home by her local Hospital. The claimant was passing stools which were nearly solely water based. This was happening in excess of 10 times a day. This ultimately caused dehydration.

About 21 days after the claimant came back from holiday the symptoms began to ease.

Permanent condition

5 years after first being diagnosed the claimant was left with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), this would be permanent. The claimant had large periods of constipation.

The claimant would have severe pain and would be greatly distressed by the symptoms she suffered.


The claimant's and defendant's solicitors entered in to negotiations to try and reach an amicable settlement. Agreement could be reached and so the claimant commenced legal proceedings to have a court assess the level of her compensation.

At a hearing the Judge considered all the evidence available from the medical experts and the claimant's family. The Judge awarded the claimant in the region of £27,000 for her pain suffering and loss of amenity.

The reminder of the award (an additional £50,000) comprised of significant levels of care and potential future care.

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