£62k awarded to 42 year old man hit by a falling object | Case Study


The claimant was a fireman. In the course of his employment he attended a fire which had been started deliberately. The fire caught hold sufficiently for a bath to fall through the ceiling of the floor above the claimant.

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The bath struck him with such force as to cause injuries to his shoulder, arm and neck. He also had significant headaches. He developed PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

Injuries and Progression

The claimant was immediately taken to Hospital where he was x-rayed. The claimant fortunately suffered no fractures. He had to initially wear a collar round his neck. He had significant headaches in the area near the back of his head (the occipital area). His shoulder and neck problems persisted . This was despite having cortisone injections to relieve the pain.

He also had traction and physiotherapy treatments. The symptoms did not significantly improve.

The claimant also had serious psychological issues following the accident. He was suffering from post traumatic stress. He was not able to return to his job as a Fireman. He had reduced sex drive.

His hobbies such as playing volleyball and football were affected. Because of his arm injury he no longer did these hobbies. He continued to swim but for shorter periods. He also had problems with household tasks like hoovering, carrying shopping and his sleep was affected.


The claimant submitted a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) with the assistance of a personal injury solicitor in Liverpool.

The hearing took place 5 years after the accident at the Liverpool Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. The claimant had left his employment with the Fire Service.

The condition had become worse and was now chronic. This was in terms of this physical symptoms. His psychological symptoms were expected to improve over the next few years.

The claimant received a total award of £62,000. His award for his pain suffering and loss of amenity was £16,000. He received additional awards in respect of loss of earnings. Future loss of earnings.

He also received an award specifically for the loss of his employment as a Fireman. A job the claimant he deeply regretted having to leave because of his injuries.

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