£6,000 compensation awarded to sheep farmer

A 67 year old man was awarded £6,000 following an accident whilst working on a farm which left him with broken bones in his foot and ankle.

The claimant a 67 year old male worked on a farm. As part of his duties he was moving sheep from one area to another and whilst doing so he tripped. The claimant fell breaking the fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot and a bone in his ankle.

The claimant was taken to hospital for treatment which included a plaster cast which was removed 7 weeks after the accident.

The accident left the claimant unable to work on the farm for 6 weeks and in addition he was not allowed to drive. Although the cast was removed after 6 weeks the claimant had continuing discomfort particularly when walking around the farm. The medical evidence obtain suggested that for the most part the injuries would settle within a 12 month period but it was anticipated that there would be permanent damage although that was going to be low grade discomfort.


Solicitors were instructed to act but were unable to negotiate a settlement with the defendant. Proceedings were issued before the Telford County Court with the matter going to trial and the claimant being awarded £6,000 damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.