£5,750 awarded for motorcycle crash injuries

The male claimant was awarded £5,750 in a motorbike compensation injury claim for pain and suffering and loss of amenity.

Accident circumstances

The claimant was aged 30 at the time of the accident. He had been riding his motorcycle when a driver of another vehicle pulled out from a side road and into the path of the claimant's motorcycle.

Details of injury

The claimant suffered soft tissue injuries to the left side of his body, in particular, to his left knee, wrist and calf.

After seeking medical attention he was prescribed painkillers and given some exercises to carry out at home.

The pain in his knee and wrist continued constantly for six weeks. After this time the pain became more occasional but was still present.

The claimant's confidence whilst riding his motorcycle was affected for a period of time and he suffered from some psychological effects.

At a medical examination five months after the accident there was some tenderness over the anatomical snuffbox on his left wrist and over the patella of his left knee. A prognosis was provided that advised the claimant's physical injuries would be resolved within eight to eleven months of the accident having taken place.

In respect of the psychological effects, the prognosis was that these would be resolved within thirteen to fourteen months of the accident.

An agreement in respect of damages could not be agreed between the parties and the claimant therefore issued court proceedings. When the matter was heard before the Court, the claimant gave evidence that the recovery time in respect of his wrist and knee injuries had been thirteen to fourteen months and in respect of the psychological effects it had been 15 months.

Conclusion and Settlement

The Judge ordered that the claimant be paid £5,750 for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. This was made up of £2,750 for the knee injury, £2,500 for the wrist injury and £1,500 for the psychological effects.