£5,750 award for scarring and leg injuries | Case Study

A 18 year-old female was awarded £5,750 at Walsall County Court for scarring and cuts to her leg. The claimant was left with a serious cut to her right leg following an accident whilst out on a night out. The incident occurred in a nightclub where the claimant slipped but in falling fell onto glass on the floor.

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Injury details

The cut was a deep one and to stem the bleeding stitches were required for which the claimant had to go to hospital. The initial injury was extremely painful and a considerable amount of discomfort was suffered for several weeks with the injury taking over 6 months to settle down.

Although the initial injury was stitched allowing the wound to heal over a two to three week period the claimant was left with a permanent reminder of the incident in the form of a crescent shaped scar on her leg which was 5 centimetres long and 1 centimetre wide.

Doctors advised the claimant that there was nothing they could do to improve the appearance of the scar, which was therefore permanent.

Following the accident the injury impacted on the claimant in a number of ways with the claimant initially self-conscious around the significant amount of strapping on her leg. The claimant was subsequently self-conscious about the scar itself.


The claimant was unable to settle proceedings with the defendant and therefore instructed solicitors to issue proceedings before the Walsall County Court. The proceedings were not settled by way of negotiation and the matter went before the Judge who made an award of £5,750 to the claimant for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

The claimant was 21 at the date of the final hearing.

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