£50k awarded to woman knocked down by motorcyclist

A 29 year old female actuary at the date of the accident received £50,000.00 compensation in an out of Court settlement for a serious hip injury when she was knocked down by a motorcyclist.

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Case details

C, female, an actuary, aged 29 at the date of the accident and 31 at the date of settlement was injured when she was knocked down on a zebra crossing by the defendant who was riding a motorbike. C was thrown several metres in the air before she landed on the road. She was knocked unconscious in the collision and was transferred by ambulance to hospital.

As a result of the accident, C suffered an acute subdural haematoma over the left frontal and parietal lobes, fracture of the left superior articular facet of C7 fracture of the right hemisacrum, a displaced fracture of the superior and inferior pubic rami on the right side involving the anterior column of the right acetabulum, diastasis of the symphysis pubis.

C also suffered bruising and cuts to her face, torso and limbs. Following initial assessment and treatment C was transferred to a specialist unit in another hospital for assessment of her head injury and for surgery to her pelvis.

C had treatment for her haematoma and had surgery to insert a plate into her pelvis which remained in situ. She was discharged with crutches here weeks after the accident.

Upon discharge C stayed with her family for six weeks, She was extremely weak, had difficulties with mobility and required assistance with all activities of daily living. C embarked upon a physiotherapy regime for four months after the accident.

C was due to get married four months after the accident and the accident and her injuries led to increased stress as it impacted on preparations for her wedding.

One year after the accident C suffered a further stress fracture to the left femoral neck which was entirely attributable to the accident. C was left with scarring to her pelvis, head, left shoulder, left lower leg and right ankle.

C remained off work for three months after which she returned on a part time basis. She was not able to return full time until five months after the accident.

C was a keen athlete participating in running, cycling, skiing, walking, horse riding and rock climbing. She was unable to continue with her sports following the accident and her return to her pre-accident athletic ability was very slow.

C and her husband were contemplating a family in the near future but as a result of her injuries to her pelvis she was unlikely to be able to have a natural birth and would require a caesarean section.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

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