£50,000 awarded after cosmetic dentistry | Case Study

The female claimant was awarded total damages of £50,000 following negligent cosmetic dental treatment.


The claimant was aged 39 when she met with the defendant dentist to discuss her requirements for her teeth. This was followed by a number of appointments with the Dentist advising that she should have veneers and crownwork. He advised that she may also need to have some teeth removed.

The claimant decided to proceed with the surgery, firstly having three teeth removed. Three months later veneers and a bridge were fitted.

Following surgery the claimant had problems with her veneers so she consulted the defendant again. She advised that the veneers did not fit correctly and that she was not happy with how they looked. The defendant advised a change from veneers to crowns.

A year later the claimant went for a check up where she was advised that all of the crown work and bridge needed to be replaced. Some of her veneers were fractured and would also have to be replaced while some would have to be changed to crowns in order to achieve the desired appearance.

As a result of the surgery the claimant had now developed a lisp and her teeth were extremely sensitive which caused her a lot of pain.

Two years after her initial consultation with the defendant the claimant visited a new dental practice. Her new dentist explained that the work done by the defendant had left her teeth in a terrible state as the treatment had been too drastic. She should not have had three of her teeth removed and instead should have had orthodontic treatment.

The claimant was fitted with temporary teeth while a decision was made as to what treatment would be best. It was advised that the claimant would need further work in the future and would require implants.

Conclusion and Settlement

The claimant alleged that the defendant was negligent in the treatment that had been provided and liability was initially disputed. However, an out of Court settlement was reached with total damages being agreed at £50,000. Of this, £15,000 was awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Future losses were calculated at £27,915 and past losses at £7,085.

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