£47,500 cheekbone injury

Case details

In 2000 at the Kingston-Upon-Hull County Court the Judge awarded an accountant the sum of £47,500.00 for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity having suffered a very severe facial injury which also caused depression and anxiety.

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The claimant, a 21 year old male, was involved in a road traffic accident suffering injuries which would ultimately result in him giving up his profession as an accountant but also his leisure time activities.

The nature of the injuries was such that the claimant was to go on to suffer depression and anxiety with the claimant withdrawing socially to avoid meeting others.

The injuries were facial and severe with his left cheek being the worst affected. Bone grafts were required t repair a cheekbone and skin grafts from the claimant's groin required to repair lost tissue. The claimant had to undergo a number of operations in an attempt to repair the damage but as with such serious injuries there was inevitably permanent disfigurement.

In addition to the facial injuries the claimant also experienced problems with his eyesight. He experienced double vision and his left eye was prone to excessive watering. These injuries were also believed to be permanent.

The scarring on the claimant's face gave particularly the left cheek a different colour and texture. It was for this reason that the claimant shied away from contact with others, withdrawing into himself with depression and anxiety.

The claimant was unable to continue in his profession as an accountant. The claimant had before the accident also been heavily involved in martial arts which he was unable to continue.

Case outcome and decision

The claimant instructed specialist solicitors to assist him in relation to his claim. Those solicitors were unable to reach a settlement with the defendant and so proceedings were issued in the Kingston Upon Hull County Court. Whilst liability was not an issue the quantum or amount of damages was. Ultimately the Court awarded the sum of £47,500 to the claimant for pain, suffering and loss of amenities. At today's values that would be equivalent to £71,540.

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