£45k compensation for scarring from plastic surgery

Compensation of £45,000 was awarded to a 44 year old lady for unsightly scarring and unsightly after effects of cosmetic surgery to her face three years earlier.

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Injury details

The lady attended a private clinic for a consultation with a view to having facial cosmetic surgery. She asked whether the procedure was safe.

The surgeon showed her photographs of previous patients who had been successfully treated. No scarring was visible on the photographs. The surgeon informed her that the operation was safe and she would achieve the same results.

The claimant booked the procedure. On admittance to the clinic she was assured any scarring would not be visible.

Immediately after the operation the lady suffered severe facial swelling. She was in extreme pain.

The results were not as promised. A few days after the initial surgery the wounds around her eyes opened up.

After two months the claimant had scarring above her ears. Her eyes became puffy and puckered at the edges. A lump appeared on the side of her face.

Four months after the initial procedure the lady started treatment to rectify the problems. Over the next 20 months she had 13 separate treatments for the scarring and other issues. This included four further operations.

Despite extensive treatment the claimant was left with extensive scarring behind both ears. Her eyes were swollen and puckered.

She suffered from depression requiring medication and could not cope with returning to work.

The treatment would be long term. She would need more surgery in the future to correct the mistakes.

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It was alleged that the surgeon had been negligent.

He failed to advise on the likely scarring. The facelift was performed below the standard expected and stitching was done incorrectly.

The surgeon also failed to correct the mistakes made. He should have referred the claimant to a more experienced surgeon when the first corrective surgery failed.

The claimant was left with permanent scarring and other unsightly blemishes. She suffered a psychological injury.

Further surgery would be required in future.

Conclusion and settlement

Liability was admitted. The matter settled by way of an out of Court settlement.

Compensation of £45,000 was accepted.

£17,000 of the damages was attributed to "pain, suffering and loss of amenity."

Damages of £28,000 were also awarded to include lost earnings and the cost of future medical treatment.

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