£3,800 awarded to woman who suffered a rib injury | Case Study

The claimant was awarded £3,684.00 after sustaining a rib injury and other injuries in a road traffic accident.

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The female claimant sustained injuries when she was involved in a rear end shunt with another vehicle whilst driving to the airport to go on holiday to Spain.

Immediately after the impact her neck stiffened up and she was in significant pain and discomfort. When she got to the airport the pain was radiating down into her right shoulder and it was with some reluctance that the flight attendants allowed her to get on her flight.

She was is some discomfort on the flight and by the time she arrived at her destination the pain was severe. She attended hospital in Spain where she was given a neck brace to wear and she spent most of the holiday resting in bed.

When she got home she went to see her GP. She complained of continuing severe neck and shoulder pain together with rib pain so her GP signed her off for two weeks as well as prescribing painkillers.

When she returned to work she found sitting at her desk very painful and uncomfortable. She was put on light duties and sometimes had to leave early. She also had to rely on other people to drive her to and from work.

She had disturbed sleep for a period and also slept on her side because of the rib pain.

When she was examined 11 months after the accident she still had continuing pain and discomfort in her neck and right shoulder and intermittent pain in her right lower ribs.

The injuries to the ribs were not deemed to be severe and the expert said these injuries would settle within 15 months. The injuries to the neck and shoulder were expected to resolve within 15 - 18 months of the accident. Subsequently the claimant made a full recovery from all symptoms within 18 months.


The claimant alleged that the defendant caused the injuries by running into the back of her vehicle. Liability was admitted.

The claimant, a female business banking manager aged 23 at the date of the road traffic accident, 25 at trial was awarded £3,684.00 by way of general damages by the Judge.

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