£3,750 compensation for hand injury

Hand Injury Accident at Work

In 2005 a 30 year old man was awarded £3,750.00 in the Bow County Court for a hand injury caused at work.

Injury details

The young man aged 26 was working as a garage mechanic when he was asked to lift a gear box to place it in a vehicle that was elevated.

During the course of this he badly cut the right index finger.

He was in a great deal of pain and because it was bleeding so badly he was taken to hospital where it was found that he had severed the flexor digitorum profundus along with the ulnar and radial nerves in the finger.

An operation was carried out to repair the tendon and nerves and that required 16 stitches.

Although he had to stay in hospital for 2 nights the operation was successful and within 2 months he was able to carry out uncomplicated tasks around the house although his sleep was affected.

He was able to return to work 4 months later but because of the hand injury he could not do any heavy manual work or any work that required finger manipulation.

As a result of these problems he eventually retrained as a bus driver.

By the time the case got to Court 4 years later the 2 inch scar had faded and was not particularly visible but the finger was still sensitive to temperature changes and that caused him some pain and discomfort.

The medical evidence was that these symptoms were likely to be permanent.


The accident was caused by his employers failing to provide him with a safe system of work and the Judge at the hearing had to decide the appropriate level of compensation.

Conclusion and settlement

The Court awarded him £3,750.00 for his pain and suffering which on today's figures taking into account the change in the Retail Price Index is worth just over £5,000.00.

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