£352,000 awarded for scout leader PTSD abuse case

Solicitors successfully secured compensation of £350,000 for a 45 year old man who suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and psychosis as a result of abuse experienced as a teenager 30 years earlier.

The claimant suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse over a four year period by the defendant, a branch leader of a national youth activity organisation he was a member of. During this period he would be given alcohol and cigarettes by the defendant and involved in sexual games involving nudity and pornographic magazines.

The claimant was on occasion locked in a room on his own, until the defendant returned intoxicated to inflict abuse. The abuse included a number of horrific physical events.

On one occasion the claimant was intoxicated by the defendant providing whisky, suffering an assault by the defendant and another man, the claimant losing consciousness. On waking, it appeared as if he had been seriously assaulted.

The claimant did not report the events to anyone for 15 years due to fear and anxiety.

As a result of reporting the abuse to the Police after this time the defendant was arrested and charged. After his arrest, the defendant admitted that some events had taken place but denied causing the psychiatric and physical injuries.


Solicitors for the claimant obtained evidence from a psychiatrist and a plastic surgeon to support the claimant's statements. This evidence proved the scars and psychiatric problems had been caused by the defendant.

The psychiatric injuries suffered led to the claimant having lifelong mental health problems, including being sectioned several times. He self-harmed extensively and attempted suicide.

The psychiatric report diagnosed the claimant with severe emotionally unstable personality disorder, schizoaffective disorder, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and dependence on alcohol. Treatment was recommended but the claimant would likely suffer significant psychological problems even after this was completed.

Assessing the scars, the consultant plastic surgeon concluded they were permanent. They would fade over time but always be visible.

The defendant's solicitors obtained a further psychiatric report suggesting other causes in childhood may have been responsible for the psychological injuries, arguing that any compensation should be reduced as a result.

Conclusion and settlement

The claim was settled out of Court for a total amount of £350,000. Compensation included an amount for the injuries, loss of earnings and medical care costs, allowing for expenses already incurred and providing for future financial losses.

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