£337,682 awarded to claimant after oil rig accident

The claimant was awarded a total of £337,682 in damages as a result of injuries that he sustained whilst working on a North Sea oil rig.

Accident circumstances

The male claimant was aged 29 at the time of the accident and was employed as a fire-proofer on a North Sea oil rig. The accident occurred when the claimant was hit and knocked over by a high pressure stream of compressed air.

Details of injury

As a result of the accident the claimant sustained a severe back injury. He also had a pre-existing back injury which was made worse by the accident. This meant his ability to work was restricted. His pre-existing back condition had not previously caused him any difficulties.

The claimant received a diagnosis of symptomonious spondylitis as a consequence of which he suffered constantly with lower back pain. This meant he was no longer able to carry out his role as a fire-proofer.

The claimant was advised that had the accident not occurred he would not have suffered the same symptoms until the age of 50. His injuries were said to be permanent but his pain could be managed with medication and certain exercises. There was also the possibility that he could undergo surgery in the future but there were no guarantees that this would be successful.

Conclusion and Settlement

Lliability was admitted by the defendant and following negotiations between the parties an out of court settlement was agreed at £337,682. The case was settled on a global basis, however, Counsel for the claimant advised that damages in respect of pain, suffering and loss of amenity were estimated at around £20,000.

The claimant had already received an interim payment of £10,000 along with state benefits during the proceedings and so this was taken into account when damages were awarded.