£3,250 compensation for concussion after road accident

A 30 year-old woman received compensation of £3,250 for injuries including concussion and headaches received when her stationary car was involved in a road accident.

Injury details

A lorry struck the claimant's car as she was climbing into the vehicle. The sill of the car struck her shin. The top of the car struck her forehead knocking her backwards.

The claimant felt immediate pain in her left leg. A severe headache developed. She noticed a large lump appear on her forehead.

The claimant attended her GP the day of the accident. A minor head injury and soft tissue injury to her leg were diagnosed. Treatment of painkillers was prescribed.

Immediately after the accident the claimant developed a headache. She suffered persistent headaches on a regular basis for four months. Her vision was fuzzy and she had difficulty concentrating.

She was unable to work for four months. The fumes generated in her workplace aggravated her headaches. Headaches continued for over 12 months.

The claimant's leg pains continued for six months before resolving. The headaches cleared up two years after the accident.


It was alleged the defendant was negligent insofar as they drove their lorry into collision with the claimant's stationary vehicle.

The claimant suffered injury as a result to the head and leg.

She was unable to work for four months. The injuries took a total of two years to resolve completely.

Conclusion and settlement

Lliability was not admitted and the matter progressed to a Court hearing.

Compensation of £3,250 was accepted by way of a Court award.

The entirety of the damages was attributed to "pain, suffering and loss of amenity."