£287,000 compensation for finger crushed in shop door

Compensation of £287,000 was awarded to a 36 year-old woman for crush injuries to her finger. The claimant was injured after her finger was trapped in the door of a beauty salon.

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Case details

Injury details

The claimant was leaving premises operated by the defendant. The front door slammed shut quickly behind her. Her right index finger was trapped and crushed.

The injuries were severe. She was taken to hospital and admitted. Reconstructive surgery was attempted. After three days the finger had to be amputated. It had developed necrosis that could not be treated. Amputation was in the middle of her finger at the mid phalanx.

An orthopaedic consultant examined the claimant. Three main problems were diagnosed. She could not use a keyboard as before in her work. Elbow pain developed likely due to repetitive strain caused by losing her finger.

The claimant became intolerant to cold. She could not work outside and daily activities were hampered. Her grip was reduced. She required aid in some circumstances.

Psychological symptoms occurred and the claimant was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder. The claimant was generally anxious and socially withdrawn.

A prosthetic finger was recommended to improve her physical and psychological problems. a clinical prosthetist recommended a functional and cosmetic prosthetic be used.


It was alleged the defendant was negligent insofar as they failed to have an effective door mechanism to regulate the speed the door closed.

They failed to risk assess the door. This exposed the claimant to danger. No warning of the danger was provided.

As a result the claimant suffered serious injury. Her finger was crushed and later had to be surgically amputated.

Her appearance and ability to use her hand were affected. The claimant's also sustained psychological harm as a result of the experience.

Conclusion and settlement

Liability was admitted and the matter did not proceed to a Court hearing.

Compensation of £287,000 was accepted by way of an out of Court settlement.

£20,634 of the damages was attributed to "pain, suffering and loss of amenity."

Future prosthetic costs were accepted in the sum of £179,457.

£62,651 was awarded for the negative effect on her ability to work.

Past sundry losses of £6,916 were accepted.

Future sundry expenses including travel and equipment of £17,342 were accepted.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

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