£2.75m awarded for serious road accident injuries

In 2013 compensation of £2,750,000 was awarded to a 36 year-old man who sustained serious injuries causing amputation of both knees in a road traffic accident five years earlier.

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Case details

Injury details

The claimant was going to the aid of a broken down vehicle when the defendant drove into him. The impact caused severe injuries to his legs.

The leg injuries included severe comminuted fractures to both legs. His hips and lower back were also injured. His shoulder was dislocated and collar bone fractured.

Treatment included multiple operations. His leg injuries were so severe that one leg was amputated through the knee, the other below the knee.

The man remained in hospital for two-and-a-half months after the accident. He was then discharged and put into rehabilitation for a further three months.

Seven months later he was re-admitted to hospital for further surgery to his leg. He spent a further month in hospital.

Rehabilitation continued with basic prosthetic limbs being fitted. The injuries were complex and the prosthetics were unsuccessful.

The claimant was unable to walk very far with the prosthetics.

After four years he was still not properly mobile. Physiotherapy continued and more advanced prosthetics were fitted.

The man was also psychologically injured. He suffered depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Treatment for these psychological injuries included psychotherapy. He still experienced these problems four-and-a-half years after the accident.

Prior to the accident the claimant had been a type II diabetic. After the accident he was diagnosed as a type I diabetic needing insulin treatment permanently.

He had been employed at a hotel chain and was completing a master's degree in business studies. He was unable to continue with either.

The injuries meant he required care with everyday life. Care was provided by the local authority and his family.

His home was on the ground floor of a building. He would need adaptations to his property to enable him to live properly.


It was alleged that the driver of the vehicle that struck the claimant was negligent insofar as he failed to control his vehicle.

The collision caused severe injuries. As a result of the severity and nature of the injuries both legs were amputated.

The claimant would not be able to return to his profession. He would require care for the rest of his life. His home would need to be adapted to provide for his disability.

Solicitors for the defendant alleged that the broken down vehicle owner was partially or wholly at fault for the accident.

Treatment was delayed because of the allegation against the broken down vehicle.

Conclusion and settlement

Liability was not admitted but compensation paid in full.

£2,750,000 was awarded in compensation by way of an out of Court settlement.

£180,000 of the damages was attributed to "pain, suffering and loss of amenity."

The additional damages totalled £2,570,000.

These included future loss of earnings, care costs, private prosthetic costs and funds to adopt his home.

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