£2,750 awarded after claimant slipped in car park

The female claimant was awarded total damages of £2,750.00 following a slip in a car park.

Accident circumstances

The claimant involved in the car park accident was aged 67 and was visiting the supermarket owned by the defendant at the time of the accident.

As she and her husband drove into the supermarket car park they noticed that an area of it was flooded but continued to park and enter the supermarket.

Having finished shopping they were walking towards the car when the claimant slipped in some water in the car park. As she fell she twisted and landed on her back on the left hand side

When the accident was reported to the assistant manager of the defendant's store the claimant was advised that the water was in fact sewage water. Earlier in the day another customer had reversed into the sewage pipe and cracked it. The sewage water was therefore flooding the car park.

The claimant suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and lower back. She also began to suffer with secondary headaches as a result of the soft tissue damage and required help at home with personal care and domestic tasks. This was provided by her husband for a period of four weeks.

She recovered fully from her injuries within six months of the accident.

The claimant alleged that the defendant had been negligent in that it had failed to ensure that the claimant would be safe in their premises and they had permitted a hazard to be present. They had also not enforced inspection or cleaning of the car park, warned of the hazard or cordoned of the area. The claimant had therefore been exposed to a foreseeable risk of injury.

Conclusion and Settlement

The defendant admitted liability and the respective parties entered into negotiations in respect of damages.

An out of court settlement was agreed at £2,750.00. Of this £1,935.00 was awarded in respect of pain, suffering and loss of amenity.