£23,600 for injuries caused by hair dye misuse

17 year old at the time of the accident sustained both chemical burns and psychological harm following a hair dye accident.


The claimant, aged 21 at the time the matter was settled, suffered burns to her scalp from the chemicals in a hair dye product. The hair dye product was supplied by the defendants at their hairdressing shop. The product was used to highlight the claimant's hair colour.

The claimant had gone to the defendants hairdressers with her Mother. Despite complaining to the hairdresser on several occasions that she was feeling a burning sensation, the defendant's Stylist did not immediately rinse the product from the claimant's hair. It therefore continued to burn the claimant's head. It was only following the intervention of the claimant's Mother that the Hairdresser rinsed the product from the claimant's hair.

It was already too late and the claimant had blisters on her head. Lliability for the incident was not in dispute. The only dispute between the claimant and defendant was the potential value of the claimant's claim.

Injuries and Progression

The claimant went to her Doctor's because the burns became infected. The wounds were leaking and the claimant had lost a patch of hair. Despite a course of medication from her Doctor the situation did not improve. Eventually the claimant had to have an operation to her head. Skin was excised and a skin graft was carried out. In addition to the physical pain the claimant was understandably psychologically affected.

Medical evidence from both a Plastic Surgeon and a Psychologist was obtained in support of the claimant's claim. The claimant was left with permanent scarring to her head and remained self conscious of her injuries. This was despite a course of treatment to try improve the position.


The claimant's and defendants solicitors entered into negotiations to try reach an amicable settlement without the need for court proceedings. Those negotiations were successful and the claimant received an overall settlement at today's values of in the region of £23,600. The claimant received in the region of £15,500 for her pain suffering and loss of amenity, the rest of the settlement was made up of financial losses.