£22,000 awarded for an electric shock accident


The claimant was employed by the defendants and during the course of her normal duties was testing railway cabling. Unfortunately one of the claimant's fellow workers switched the power back on and the claimant received a 650 volt electrical shock. The electric shock injury caused burns to the claimant's fingers and thumb. It was alleged that the employers system of work was unsafe and that the defendant had failed to provide the claimant with sufficiently competent fellow employees. Lliability for the accident was not in dispute. The only issue between the parties was the potential value of the claimant's claim.

Injuries and Progression

The claimant had to have surgery to graft new skin on the burns to his thumb and index finger. The claimant also suffered psychological trauma mainly in the form of nightmares. The claimant was diagnosed with PTSD. Over time these symptoms settled down.

Medical evidence obtained in support of the claimant's claim confirmed the claimant would be left with a degree of numbness in her fingers. The fingers were also prone to being stiff.

The claimant's and defendants solicitors entered into meaningful negotiations to try reach an amicable settlement. Agreement could not reached. The claimant therefore instructed her solicitors to commence county court proceedings.

Court Award

The claimant's case was heard at Pontypridd County Court 2 years post accident. The Judge accepted the medical evidence. That the scarring to the claimant's hand was permanent. That she would continue to have a numb feeling in her had . The Judge noted that the claimant had not been able to return to her full pre-accident job role.

An award