£2,200 awarded after company car-related road accident

The male claimant was awarded total damages of £2,200 after being involved in a road traffic accident whilst in a company car.

Accident circumstances

The claimant was aged 49 at the time of the accident. He was teaching a pupil to drive in a company car when they were hit by the defendant. The company car was owned by the company driving school.

As they were travelling towards a roundabout the pupil had stopped at the junction to ensure it was safe to proceed round the roundabout. He was intending to go straight on at the roundabout as they approached the relevant exit the defendant, who was driving at speed, collided with the vehicle that the claimant was travelling and flipped it over. The vehicle rolled twice before it stopped.

The claimant attended the hospital after his accident where x-rays were carried out. He had pain in his left leg, neck and back but the x-rays did not reveal any injuries to his bones. He was diagnosed with whiplash and recommended to take anti-inflammatories. He also suffered cuts to both of his arms.

He did not return to work for three days and he recovered from his injuries within three months of the accident.

The claimant brought a claim against the defendant alleging that the defendant had been driving without due care and attention, had failed to keep a proper lookout and was driving dangerously. He also alleged that he was driving too fast and had failed to brake and stay clear of the claimant's vehicle. It was due to the alleged negligence of the defendant that the claimant had sustained his injuries.

Conclusion and Settlement

After a period of negotiations the parties were able to reach an agreement as to damages. The claimant was awarded £2,200 in damages of which £1,900 was for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that he had sustained.