£206k for psychological harm with no physical injury

The claimant was diagnosed with chronic depression and post traumatic stress brought on by systematic abuse by the claimant's partner. For four years starting when the claimant was aged 10 she was physically and psychologically abused.


The claimant was repeatedly abused by her Mother's Partner. He forced her to bath in front of him, he touched her breasts and genitals, kissed her. As time passed the abuse increased whereby the claimant was forced to masturbate the abuser. She was held down by her abuser and penetrated with the abuser fingers.


Lliability for the abuse was disputed by the alleged abuser. As a result agreement in respect of the claimant's claim could not be reached. The claimant therefore instructed her solicitors to commence court proceedings in the High Court for significant damages.


The claimant had suffered significant psychological trauma in the form of flash backs to times when the abuse took place. These involved nightmares, disturbed sleeping patterns, Chronic dysthymia (depression) as well as post traumatic stress which was chronic.


The court accepted the claimant's evidence and found in her favour. The court then had to assess an appropriate level of damages to award to the claimant for all that she had been put through.

In addition to the injuries referred to above she had become very withdrawn and lacking in any confidence or self esteem. Her schooling had been significantly affected and she had performed poorly in her examinations.

The Doctors reporting to the court regarding the claimant's psychological symptoms did indicate that they felt with appropriate treatment that substantial improvements could be produced in the claimant condition whereby she would eventually be able to enter into relationships and hold down a regular job.

The court award the total sum of £205,965 in compensation to the claimant to cover her pain suffering and loss of amenity, past financial losses, future financial losses and treatment costs.