£15,963 compensation for injury to right shoulder

Compensation of £15,963.00 in 2012 was awarded to a 36 year old for soft tissue and shoulder injuries following a road traffic accident.

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Injury details:

The claimant who was 36 at the time was involved in a serious road traffic accident as a result of which he sustained personal injuries. The defendant was travelling in his car towards the claimant and through the junction. The traffic light facing the claimant was at the time green allowing the claimant to pass. Despite the presence of the claimant's vehicle the defendant without signalling suddenly started to make a right hand turn colliding with the claimant's vehicle.

The claimant suffered what was a fairly basic whiplash injury but also more serious injuries to his knees and his shoulder.

The claimant made a good recovery to the knee and whiplash injury which had both resolved themselves within 6 months of the date of the accident. The shoulder injury however did not resolve itself fully. The claimant suffered with ongoing pain which restricted the claimant's activities. Medical experts concluded that the pain was permanent.

The impact of the shoulder injury was to restrict the claimant's movement. He was unable to lift heavy objects and could not carry out basic tasks such as DIY or carrying bags. It also impacted on the claimant's recreational activities which the claimant was unable to continue.

Settlement and conclusion

The claimant instructed solicitors to assist him to make a personal injury claim against the defendant. The matter was dealt with by the Brentford County Court who awarded £11,000 in general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. The total award being £15,963 including the claimant's out of pocket expenses.

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