£120,000 awarded to a biker with serious fractures and a head injury

A motorcyclist sustained a serious fracture to the clavicle in a collision with another vehicle. The injury later developed into a brachial plexus injury and a minor head injury was also diagnosed.

Rakhi Chauhan, a Quittance panel solicitor, acted on behalf of the claimant.

Liability was disputed on the basis that the motorcyclist was filtering at the time of the accident. An offer to mediate the issue of liability was made, which the other driver declined. The matter proceeded to a trial hearing to determine who was responsible for the accident.

At the trial, the other driver was held to be 100% liable for the accident.

At that hearing, Rakhi was able to secure an interim payment for the claimant while medical evidence continued to be finalised.

The motorcycle accident claim settled for £120,000.

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