£10k awarded to man for irritant dermatitis from work

A 58 year old man received compensation of £10,300.00 when he suffered irritant dermatitis on his hands.

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The claimant, a 58 year old man, was employed as a motor mechanic by the defendant. His hands were during the course of his employment his hands became exposed to an irritant chemical. Within hours the chemical irritant caused the claimant's hands to become inflamed causing a great deal of pain which his doctor later diagnosed as irritant dermatitis.

Whilst the initial inflammation settled down the claimant was left with eczema on the back of his hand which significantly inhibited his work and social activities.

The eczema would from time to time be aggravated by substances with which the claimant came into contact. The problem for the claimant was that he did not know which substances to avoid.

The eczema was treatable through the use of steroid creams and by regular moisturising but it was some 10 months before the problem settled down to allow him to return to work.

On returning to work the claimant was forced to wear gloves. It was accepted by the Judge at the final hearing that the gloves hampered the claimant in performing intricate skilled tasks.

The claimant was also concerned that if he participated in activities which may cause a flare up of the eczema it could jeopardise his employment and as such he made the decision not to continue with hobbies which he thought may cause problems. Specifically he no longer did motor boat maintenance, car maintenance and DIY.


Having consulted specialist personal injury lawyers the matter came before the Winchester County Court where the claimant was awarded general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenities in the sum of £7,000.00. At the time of the hearing the claimant was 60 years of age.

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