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Accidents in public places are very common and injuries can occur almost anywhere.

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Public place accident claims

Public place accidents are legally referred to as 'public liability' or 'occupiers liability'.

Public liability means that there is a public body (such as a local authority or council), company, or other party who:

  • owns or occupies the place you were injured, and
  • is liable for your injury

The owner or operator of the public place has a legal duty 'duty of care' to ensure that anywhere accessible by the public is safe.

Examples of accidents in a public place are slips, trips or falls on potholes on roads, uneven pavements, and slippery surfaces in retail and commercial premises, such as supermarkets, shops and car parks.

If you were injured in a public place as a result of another party's actions or negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

With Quittance Legal Services, your claim will be handled by a highly-experienced solicitor with an excellent track record of winning compensation for claimants who injured in a public place.

Latest public place accident case study:

£5,000 awarded for a trip on poorly maintained cobbles

Quittance's solicitor panel successfully secured compensation of £5,000 for a 32-year-old man who suffered a broken bone in his ankle during an accident in a public place. The injury was sustained in a fall on badly maintained cobbles at work.

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Other public place accident case examples:

25,000 Awarded for a Fall on a Defective Staircase

21,250 Awarded for Hair Salon Scalp Burns

24,000 Award for 14-Year-Old Claimant

2,500 Damages Awarded to Girl with E.Coli Poisoning

23,600 for Injuries Caused by Hair Dye Misuse

24,000 Awarded Following Incident on Playground

2,560 Awarded for a Claim for Foreign Objects in Food

2,750 Awarded After Claimant Slipped in Car Park

5,000 Awarded for Trip on Poorly Maintained Cobbles

Shopper Compensated with 5,000

3,000 Damages for Finger Injured in a Pub

6,500 Awarded for Leg Injuries Sustained on the Road

23,000 Damages for Ankle Fracture at Caravan Park

8,300 Awarded for Hair Loss After Salon Accident

16,000 Awarded for a Trip on a Defective Kerb Stone

42,000 Award for Leg Fractures Falling from a Bus

58,404 Damages for Fairground Ankle Fracture

21,250 Awarded for Hair Salon Scalp Burns

24,000 Award for 14-Year-Old Claimant

22,004 for Arm Injury After a Horse Riding Accident

55,000 for Severe Injuries in Pub Fall

Police Officer Awarded 18,000 After Slipping on Ice

2,300 Damages Awarded to a Child for a Burn Injury

8,650 Awarded for Injury Caused by a Trolley Cage

2,500 Damages Awarded to Girl with E.Coli Poisoning

18,320 for Ankle Injury After a Climbing Wall Accident

85K Damages for 3 Year Old Girl Hurt on Escalator

62,388 Awarded for Injuries from a 35 Foot Fall

18,000 for Hip Injury After Tripping Into a Pothole

18,000 for a Hip Injury Caused by a Pothole

15,000 Awarded to a Child Injured in a Dog Attack

6,000 Awarded to Child for Elbow Injury

23,600 for Injuries Caused by Hair Dye Misuse

9K Damages for Nerve Injury from Dog Attack

8,889 Awarded Following Injury from a Fall in a Shop

3,750 Awarded to Woman for Radiation Exposure Burns

5,750 Award for Scarring and Leg Injuries

8,500 Damages for a Trip and Fall on a Drain Cover

50,000 Awarded to a Woman Injured by a Fall in a Supermarket

7,000 Awarded As a Result of Scalding

7,000 Damages for Wrist Injury After a Slip on Ice

24,000 Awarded Following Incident on Playground

3,500 Awarded for a Knee Injury on Public Highway

4,600 Awarded in Injury Claim Against Landlord

2,750 Awarded After Claimant Slipped in Car Park

8,000 Awarded After Petrol Station Accident Injury

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