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'Industrial disease' is a legal term for any condition or illness that developed following exposure to a hazardous substance at work or as a result of an unsafe working environment.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates show that around 2 million people are affected by industrial disease every year.

Industrial diseases include:

If you have suffered from an industrial disease as a result of your employer's actions or negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

With Quittance Legal Services, your industrial disease accident compensation claim will be handled by a highly-experienced solicitor with an excellent track record of winning compensation for claimants who injured at work.

Industrial disease case examples:

428,061 Damages Awarded for Mesothelioma Case

Joiner Wins 175,000 Claim for Mesothelioma

45,850 Damages for Plumber with Asbestosis

9K Damages for 62 Year Old with Pleural Plaques

20,030 Damages for Exposure to Diesel Fumes

201,832 Awarded for Exposure to Asbestos Fibres

60K Awarded After Exposure to Industrial Air Pollution

44,000 Awarded for Plant Worker's Emphysema

32,690 for 50% Loss of Lung Function

449,180 Awarded for Beryllium Poisoning

55,000 for Poisoning from a Hazardous Substance

14,000 Awarded for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

146,000 Awarded for Injuries from Toluene Exposure

13,200 Awarded to Claimant for Vibration White Finger

12,000 Awarded for a Repetitive Strain Injury

1.3 Million Awarded to 20 Workers for Mercury Poisoning

44,000 Damages for Workplace Cancer

Chemical Exposure Leads to Compensation for RAF Corporal

18,500 Awarded for Silicosis Illness from Dust

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Case study

£175,000 award for joiner with mesothelioma

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