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Every day, an estimated 10 British people are hospitalised overseas according to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The number of people who suffer minor injuries on holiday is estimated to be much higher.

If you have sustained an injury or illness while on holiday and someone else was at fault, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

With Quittance Legal Services, your holiday accident compensation claim will be handled by a highly-experienced solicitor with an excellent track record of winning compensation for claimants who injured overseas.

Holiday injury case examples:

3,000 Awarded for Head Injuries Sustained on Holiday

4,500 Awarded for Foot Injuries Sustained on Holiday

23,000 Damages for Ankle Fracture at Caravan Park

3,750 Awarded for Food Poisoning on Nile Cruise

29,378 Damages for Cryptosporidium Infection

15,000 Awarded for a Bacterial Infection on Holiday

87,400 Awarded After Claimant Injured by Speedboat

14,346 Award for Legionnaires from Air Conditioning

19,500 Damages for Honeymoon Food Poisoning

13,000 Awarded to Woman Injured in Hotel Accident

Award for 11 Gastroenteritis Sufferers

77,000 Awarded to 8 Year-Old for Giardiasis Poisoning

16K Awarded to a Woman After Slipping on a Wet Floor

12,500 Awarded for Serious Pool Accident

3,750 Awarded After Food Poisoning on Cruise Ship

1,500 Awarded to a Child After a Hotel Accident Abroad

14,346 Award for Legionnaires from Air Conditioning

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