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Whether a member of your family has been injured, or you were injured as a child, if the harm was caused by the negligence of another party, you should be entitled to child injury compensation.

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Whether the injury occurred in a public place or shop, in a road accident, or as the result of clinical negligence, a claim may be possible.

The child's parent or guardian can begin the claims process on behalf of a child, acting as a 'litigation friend'. If you were injured when under the age of 18, and are now aged between 18 and 21, you can make a claim.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help you make a child injury compensation claim.

Your specialist solicitor will work sensitively and effectively to ensure the compensation you receive reflects the pain and suffering caused. Your lawyer will also ensure the settlement addresses any ongoing physical and psychological harm arising from the injury.

Child Injury case examples:

10,000 Awarded for Nasal Burns Sustained by Child

3M Damages for Brain Injuries During Childbirth

5,000 Damages for Asthma from Cigarette Smoke

20,000 Awarded After Optician Misdiagnosis

24,000 Award for 14-Year-Old Claimant

230K Damages Awarded to a Boy with Cerebral Palsy

2,300 Damages Awarded to a Child for a Burn Injury

2,500 Damages Awarded to Girl with E.Coli Poisoning

3.2M Settlement for Child Diagnosed with Epilepsy

85K Damages for 3 Year Old Girl Hurt on Escalator

18,000 for Hip Injury After Tripping Into a Pothole

77,000 Awarded to 8 Year-Old for Giardiasis Poisoning

15,000 Awarded to a Child Injured in a Dog Attack

6,000 Awarded to Child for Elbow Injury

1,250 Awarded to a 7 Year-Old for Shigellosis

24,000 Awarded Following Incident on Playground

1,500 Awarded to a Child After a Hotel Accident Abroad

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