Case Studies

£5,000 awarded for trip on poorly maintained cobbles

£428,061 compensation awarded for mesothelioma case

Undiagnosed throat cancer led to £500,000 compensation

Joiner wins £175,000 claim for mesothelioma

Shopper compensated after trip in supermarket

Untrained forklift driver receives £7,500 compensation

£10,000 awarded for nasal burns sustained by child

£352,000 awarded for scout leader PTSD abuse case

£5,500 compensation for pain from delayed treatment

£1m awarded for brain injury from accidental shooting

£169k compensation awarded for contracting asbestosis

£13,500 awarded for fingers crushed at work

£3,000 awarded for head injuries sustained on holiday

£25,000 awarded for a fall on a defective staircase

£477k awarded for brain injuries from a serious assault

£27,500 compensation for burns from a firework display

£4,500 awarded for foot injuries sustained on holiday

£17,250 awarded for chemical burns injury

£1.2m awarded following a fatal road traffic accident

£3,000 compensation for finger injured in a pub

£115,000 awarded for arm injuries to a pedestrian

£2.75m awarded for serious road accident injuries

£10k compensation for knee injury from a road accident

£6,500 awarded for leg injuries sustained on the road

£13,000 awarded for a fractured leg in a football match

£2.89m awarded for loss of amenity and future care

£125,000 awarded following mastectomy surgery

£90,000 compensation awarded for cyclist head injuries

£45,850 compensation for plumber with asbestosis

£25,000 compensation for error during bowel surgery

£23,000 compensation for ankle fracture at caravan park

£51,200 for leg injury caused by prescription error

£3m compensation for brain injuries during childbirth

£70,000 compensation for unnecessary surgery

£475,000 for bowel damage from negligent surgery

£100,000 compensation for delays in hospital treatment

£35,000 compensation for GP delays diagnosing cancer

£9k compensation for 62 year old with pleural plaques

£20,000 compensation for poor quality dental work

£100,000 award for inadequate procedure causes injury

£8,300 awarded for hair loss after salon accident

£3,750 awarded for food poisoning on Nile cruise

£16,000 awarded for trip on defective kerb stone

£45k compensation for scarring from plastic surgery

£18,205 for spinal injuries falling on snow at work

£5,000 compensation for asthma from cigarette smoke

£250,000 compensation for skull fracture in road accident

£42,000 award for leg fractures falling from a bus

£22,000 awarded for leg burns suffered during surgery

£682,325 for psychological harm after bullying at work

£1.9m awarded for leg lost in building site accident

£6,000 compensation for delays in treating brain tumour

£735,000 compensation for stroke-related paralysis

£300,000 compensation for blood clot causing a stroke

£60,000 awarded for bladder injured during operation

£220,000 awarded for delayed bladder cancer diagnosis

£315k awarded for back pain from lifting accident

£336,723 awarded for military exercise injury

£905,316 awarded for serious workplace arm injuries

£75,000 compensation awarded to man for fractured ankle

£42,000 awarded for finger injuries from angle grinder

£58,404 compensation for fairground ankle fracture

£20,000 awarded after optician misdiagnosis

£6,000 compensation for PTSD from needlestick injury

£3.9m compensation for brain damage caused by dehydration

£12,500.00 comp for a hospital-acquired infection

£10,000 for ill health caused by a faulty pacemaker

£20,030 compensation for exposure to diesel fumes

£3,500.00 award for an error in prescription

£2.1m compensation for catastrophic workplace injuries

£17,500.00 awarded for fracture to tibia and fibula

£29,378 compensation for cryptosporidium infection

£287,000 compensation for finger crushed in shop door

£3,750 compensation for hand injury

£3,250 compensation for concussion after road accident

£200,000 awarded for cold injuries to the hands and feet

£22,000 awarded after experimental drug use

£220,000 awarded for chronic pain after surgery

£10,744 awarded for chest wound from bicycle accident

£168,000 awarded for cancer from workplace chemicals

£21,250 awarded for hair salon scalp burns

£6,549 awarded to waitress with back injury

£12,750 awarded for work-related carpal tunnel syndrome

£26k awarded for pain and suffering from CO2 poisoning

£20,000 awarded to passenger following collision

£5,400 compensation for whiplash caused by husband

£420,000 awarded for surgery after delayed cancer diagnosis

£15,000 awarded for bacterial infection on holiday

£5,000 compensation for knee injuries from road accident

£40,000 awarded for bowel surgery complications

£87,400 awarded after Claimant thrown from speedboat

£500,000 awarded for severe injury after assault

£201,832 awarded for exposure to asbestos fibres

£172,500 compensation for amputation after a road accident

£14,346 award for legionnaires from air conditioning

£46,224 awarded for PTSD following aircraft accident

£10,500 for ruptured Achilles tendon in car accident

£282,298 awarded for back injuries falling from a tank

Solicitors secure £1,800,000 for skull fracture

£7,000 for neck injury and anxiety following collision

£15,963 compensation for injury to right shoulder

£48,000 for leg injuries after bike accident

£34,300 for permanent injury after fall from ladder

£24,000 award for accident on school playground

£33,555 award for work-related head and joint pain

£22,004 for arm injury after a horse riding accident

£55,000 for severe injuries in pub fall

£6k compensation awarded for hernia from heavy lifting

£50k awarded to woman knocked down by motorcyclist

£19,500 compensation for honeymoon food poisoning

£13k awarded to woman injured in hotel accident

Father awarded £1,750.00 for carbon monoxide poisoning

£140k awarded to 17yr old who suffered facial injuries

£35k compensation for penetrating left eye injury

Police officer awarded £18,000 for ice slip incident

£230k compensation awarded to boy with cerebral palsy

£47,500 cheekbone injury

£2,300 compensation awarded to child for burn injury

£62k awarded to 42 year old man hit by a falling object

Compensation for 11 claimants with gastroenteritis

£4.5k awarded for conveyor belt crushed hand injury

£230k awarded for female reproductive system injuries

£22,500 awarded to man who sustained a finger injury

£8,650 awarded for injury caused by a trolley cage

£60k awarded when man exposed to industrial air pollution

£10k awarded to man for irritant dermatitis from work

£20,000 compensation for engineer with cold injuries

£250k awarded to man hit by a forklift truck at work.

£8,000 compensation for man hurt in digger accident

£2,500 compensation awarded to girl with e.coli poisoning

£900,000 damages awarded after a motorcycle accident

£18,320 for ankle injury after a climbing wall accident

£18,000 awarded for back injuries from training flight

£132,276 award for defective machine hand injury

£22,000 awarded for an electric shock accident

£44,000 awarded for plant worker's emphysema

£3.2m settlement for child diagnosed with epilepsy

£6.9m compensation for failed meningitis diagnosis

£2,400,000 award following a groin injury

£85k compensation for 3 year old girl hurt on escalator

£13,500 awarded for acoustic shock

£32,690 for 50% loss of lung function

£449,180 awarded for beryllium poisoning

£214,000 awarded for knee injury in a factory accident

£62,388 awarded for injuries from a 35 foot fall

£55,000 for poisoning from a hazardous substance

£52,000 for damage to senses after fall from height

£75,000 award for delayed diagnosis of lung cancer

£18,000 for hip injury after tripping into pothole

£1,900 for injury due to inadequate protective equipment

£235,000 awarded due to defective farm equipment

£2m awarded for a defective work equipment accident

£14,000 awarded for hand arm vibration syndrome

£82k awarded to 67 year old for foot injury

£50k compensation for woman with fractured spine

£308,000 awarded for fractured sternum

£24,000 awarded to farm labourer for tractor accident

£37,605 for digestive problems resulting from work

£77,000 awarded to 8 year-old for giardiasis poisoning

£18,000 for a hip injury caused by a pothole

£900,000 awarded to motorcyclist for dislocation injury

£15,000 awarded to child injured in dog attack

£6,000 awarded to child for elbow injury

£23,600 for injuries caused by hair dye misuse

£3k awarded for injuries from a collision with a lorry

£8k awarded to man after log splitter accident at work

£60,500 awarded to train accident victim.

£9k compensation for nerve injury from dog attack

£16k awarded to woman after slip on wet floor

£14,000 compensation to man for warehouse accident

£550k for Cauda Equina syndrome from delayed diagnosis

£3,800 awarded to woman who suffered a rib injury

Claimant awarded £2,350 for whiplash injuries

£14k awarded for injury from manual handling accident

£45,000 compensation awarded for injuries from facelift

£33k compensation awarded to man trapped under a pallet

£8,320 awarded for orthopaedic injury from a car crash

£8,889 awarded following a fall in a shop

£6,000 compensation awarded to sheep farmer

£146k awarded for injuries from toluene exposure

£11k compensation for an upper body injury at work

Swimming pool accident and illness

£3,000 awarded to taxi driver for thumb injury

£45,000 compensation for negligent cosmetic eye surgery

£16,574 awarded to Claimant suffering from tinnitus

£4,000 awarded to man who suffered hand laceration

£48,000 awarded for lower body injury on motorbike

£593k compensation for emergency services related injury

£3,250 award to taxi driver for thumb injury

£121k awarded for work related upper limb disorder

£8k awarded to woman injured in an office lift

£58k awarded to woman for PTSD after bus accident

£50k awarded to man who sustained an ear injury

£12k awarded for negligent laser eye surgery

£3,750 awarded to woman for radiation exposure burns

£25k awarded for neck injury and osteoarthritis risk

£19k awarded to woman for asthma from air pollution

£17,693 compensation for person hit by falling boxes

£13,200 awarded to claimant for vibration white finger

£19,000 compensation for Occupational Asthma

£40,000 awarded for serious adjustment disorder

£5,750 award for scarring and leg injuries

£254,610 awarded for severe latex allergy

Claimant awarded £110,000 after contracting MRSA

£850 awarded for smoke inhalation after a work fire

£12,000 awarded for a repetitive strain injury

£180k awarded for industrial accident knee injury

£169,420 awarded after loss of sight

£249,000 awarded for serious pelvis injury

£1.3million awarded to 20 workers for mercury poisoning

£44,000 compensation for Workplace Cancer

£5,000 awarded for lower back injuries

TCE exposure leads to compensation for RAF Corporal

£5,500 awarded for welding-related illness

£1,719 awarded for a welding injury

£15,000 awarded for pressure sore injury

£8,500 compensation for a trip and fall on a drain cover

£19,000 awarded after a health and safety breach

£220,172 awarded for ulnar neuropathy injury

£3,020 awarded for injuries to internal organs

£682,325 award for psychological injury

£18,500 awarded for silicosis

£337,682 awarded to Claimant after oil rig accident

£8,000 awarded for burns caused by hot oil spillage

£10,777 for a child's injuries riding in a pushchair

£50,000 awarded to a woman injured by a fall in a supermaket

£12,000 awarded following wrist injury during training

£16,500 awarded for a knee injury in a road accident

£4,700 awarded after Claimant bitten by rat

£2,452 awarded after car accident caused by snow

£67,400 awarded following negligent liposuction

£1,250 awarded to a 7 year-old for shigellosis

£6,000 awarded to nightclub patron for toe injury

£13,800 awarded following Legionnaires disease

£7,000 awarded as a result of scalding

£4,133 awarded following a nose injury

£10,000 for spleen injury following a criminal attack

£154,185 awarded for a severe jaw injury

£5,750 awarded for motorcycle crash injuries

£3,250 awarded for scarring and head injury

£11,200 compensation for PTSD after car accident

£1,600 awarded for lumbar spine and whiplash injury

Airedale NHS Hospital Trust Compensation Claim

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals Compensation Claim

Barking, Havering & Redbridge Hospital Compensation Claims

Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals Compensation Claim

Birmingham Children's Hospital Trust Compensation Claim

Birmingham Women's NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Compensation Claim

Countess Of Chester Hospital Compensation Clam

County Durham & Darlington NHS Trust Compensation Claim

East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Compensation Claim

East Kent Hospitals University Trust Compensation Claim

Epsom & St Helier University Hospital Compensation Calim

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Great Ormond Street Hospital Compensation Claim

Great Western NHS Hospital Compensation Claim

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Harrogate and District NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Compensation Claim

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim

James Paget University Hospitals Compensation Claim

Kingston Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Mid Essex Hospital Services Compensation Claim

North Middlesex University Hospital Compensation Claim

Northampton General Hospital Compensation Claim

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Nottingham University Hospital Trust Compensation Claim

Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Queen Mary's Sidcup NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

£7,000 compensation for wrist injury after a slip on ice

£6,800 compensation for abdominal injury

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospital Compensation Claim

Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust Compensation Claim

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust Compensation Claims

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Southend University Hospital Trust Compensation Claim

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Compensation Claim

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Compensation Claim

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Compensation Claim

University College London Hospital Compensation Claim

University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospital Southampton Compensation Claim

University Hospitals Of Leicester Compensation Claim

University Hospital of Morecambe Bay Compensation Claim

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Compensation Claim

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Compensation Claim

West Suffolk NHS Hospital Compensation Claim

West Sussex Health And Social Care NHS Trust

Western Sussex Hospitals Trust Compensation Claim

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Compensation Claim

£13,565 awarded for bullying at work at Co-op

£109,600 awarded to claimant after a cellar fall

£227,000 awarded for catastrophic paraplegia injuries

£24,000 awarded following playground accident

£50,000 for woman knocked over at Zebra crossing

£2,560 awarded for a claim for foreign objects in food

£2,000 awarded to part-time worker due to injury

£3,500 awarded for knee injury on public highway

£4,600 awarded in Injury claim against landlord

£30,000 awarded to pillion passenger on motorcycle

£12,500 awarded following Botox with used needle

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Compensation Claim

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust Compensation Claim

The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

£22,000 awarded to cleaner following injury

£50,000 awarded after cosmetic dentistry

£29,000 awarded to waitress after accident at work

£4,000 awarded to claimant with a tongue injury

£554,404 for injury from machine with no safety guard

£3,750 awarded after food poisoning on cruise ship

£905,316 awarded for complex regional pain syndrome

£2,000 for Claimant after accident due to faulty wiring

£3,863 awarded for burns from beauty treatment

£38,000 awarded after accident involving cherry picker

£47,500 for a missed appendicitis diagnosis

£6,000 for claimant injured due to unsuitable gloves

£2,750 awarded after Claimant slipped in car park

£658,750 awarded to a roofer following injury

£3,900 awarded following a roundabout accident

£261,938 awarded after private hospital negligence

£8,000 awarded after petrol station accident

£1,500 awarded to claimant after hotel accident abroad

£206k for psychological harm with no physical injury

£5,000 awarded following wrong site surgical negligence

£2,200 awarded after company car-related road accident

£356,000 awarded after fall at work injury

£5,200,000 awarded for a spinal abscess

£120k awarded to narcoleptic boy injured by vaccine

£40k compensation awarded to woman suffering stress from excessive workload